Marti, 19 Iunie 2001
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FLAMANZI BLAST 18/6/01 (English translation)

The damages caused by the explosion which took place in Flamanzi have reached an amount of 400 millions ($14,000 US dollars). A specialized company will perform the final evaluation, and the persons who will be found guilty shall pay all the damages.

The investigation initiated by authorities in the case of the Flamanzi explosion began on Thursday night and continue up to this moment, with the persons in charge of the case trying to find out the reasons of the disaster. For now there are no clear statements regarding the exact cause of the tragedy, whether it was a lack of professionalism or an unfortunate incident. The investigation performed on the site showed that the devastating effects were due to the way in which the sector of the loaded building collapsed. The structure that was to be discarded was situated in the outskirts of the locality, at the border with the Cordun village. In the vicinity of the structure there was an agricultural field and, under normal circumstances, the bomb technicians had to be sure that the blast would be headed to this specific area. But immediately after the detonation, the first walls to collapse were the back walls. Thus, the evacuation field was blocked and the blast was headed directly to the housing complex situated 20 meters away from the old apartment building. It seems that the detonation system didn't function, because immediately after the collapse of the first walls some TNT packages did not explode. On the other hand, the experts participating in the investigation also took into account the possibility of an incorrect placing of the TNT charges, because in case of a controlled explosion, the packages should have been placed in the center of the structure and not on the lateral side, as was experimented in Flamanzi.

The whole charge that was to be used in the explosion weighed 200 kilos, but the bomb technicians used only 30 kilos, a fact that contributed somehow to the reduction of the explosion’s consequences. Along with the investigations of the civil and military authorities, the damage evaluation process continued. From the declarations of Colonel Vasile Bocancia, head of the County Police Inspectorate, because of the destruction of over 25,000 square meters (9.5 miles) of windows, the adjacent carpentry works and approximately 100 square meters (1,100 sq. ft.) of tiles, the damages are in amount of approximately 400 millions ($14,000 US dollars). “After a first evaluation, the damages are in amount of ROL 390 millions, but the exact amount will be known after the assessment- performed by a specialized company - of the material losses suffered by the population," colonel Bocancia, head of the Botosani County Police Inspectorate, declared yesterday.

The first teams of carpenters hired by the construction companies have already arrived at Flamanzi and started the reparation of the damaged apartments. As chief commissioner Costica Macaleti declared, after the completion of the works, all the reparation costs shall be borne by the persons who will be found guilty for having produced the disaster. The possibility of a common guilt is also taken into account, because the beneficiary of the work, Pavel Cornaci, the parish priest of Cordun - Flamanzi, had not obtained the due authorizations and the bomb technicians of the 01189 Military Unit, as service providers, had not checked before starting the detonation procedures if the operation was perfectly legal considering the fact that they were to use explosives.
(Reporter- S. Gheorghiu)

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