Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta has asked the Hazardous Materials Advisory Council, of which ISEE is a member, to relay the following message to all involved in hazmat transport, carriers in particular, urging that they pay particular attention to:

Observing hazmat routing guidelines and rules; routing hazmat shipments away from cities and populated areas if possible; exploring ways to improve hazmat cargo security measures; and instructing their personnel to call 911 if they observe anything that suggests criminal behavior and to call 311 if they recall an incident after the fact.

DOT has contacted state and local authorities to request that they investigate and take control of vehicles "off normal routes." In particular, vehicles transporting Division 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 materials will be expected to have on board a route plan as required by 397.67(d). Carriers should route all hazmat shipments away from cities and populated areas, if possible, and consider increasing security measures. Most importantly, anything suspicious should be reported to local or state authorities.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Jeffrey L. Dean, CAE
Executive Director and General Counsel
International Society of Explosives Engineers

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